Out There

Ok, I am going to put it ‘out there’. I’ve been fascinated with this idea for weeks and have been doing a lot of research and reading on this topic. It’s even ‘scary’ to put in black and white because once I do, everyone knows. That’s ok though. One of the benefits of linear time is the release of inhibitions. It is what it is, and I am who I am.

I’m going to write a Screenplay.

There, I wrote it. This idea has now exceeded my desire to obtain a PhD, although that would also be nice to have.

I’m not looking for fame and fortune with the completed end-product, it’s an exercise, a learning experience. If, when completed, I feel that the story really has meat and bones, then I’ll pursue to market. At least, it will be an exciting process and that’s what writing is all about, the process.

Without the risk of failure, there is no success. Believe.

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