Eat Them Like That

Typically, I get specific essay or posting material from a simple idea of it’s title-to-be. While making hot oatmeal for breakfast this morning I added frozen blueberries and cut up a fresh banana too. Then I started thinking that half way through the ‘cooking’ process I would crush the blueberries and any bananas in the way so that the berry juice would infiltrate throughout the heated oatmeal and mix together nicely. Yummy!

But then I wondered if it really mattered to crush them beforehand or not. Does doing that make a notable difference in the flavor of the hot oatmeal? It all goes down the same pipe. All the portioned items all get ‘chewed’ together using my teeth anyway. Does my tongue know the difference between pre-crushed blueberries and bananas over everything simply crushed-in-the-mouth during the chewing process?

Definitively I cannot say short of investigation performed multiple times to gather measurable data. Even then the data would only be subjective, unless of course there were testing instruments involved that measure flavor levels, and quantity for individual molecular count. One might think that data would be the same either way, but we don’t really know that do we?

Water becomes a solid when frozen, and water in its frozen state floats on the top surface of water. Aluminum in its solid state does not float in liquid (heated) form. Something chemically changes its physical characteristics.

Return to the hot oatmeal with added fruit. Irene would tell me, ‘It’s not rocket science.’ In essence, she’s telling me to quit overthinking it all.

It’s not like I make a decision to intentionally think as I do, it just happens. I think I’ll eat them like that, in the same state as it was when placed in the bowl. Unmodified.

Dude, how do you put your pants on in the morning?

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