What must it be like to not see or feel daylight for an extended period of time. Deprived of the warmth and views of all that is awesome. I cannot imagine and don’t ever want to experience not having this gift. A gift it is. We see it most every day, we feel it most everyday. And even on the days we do not directly see or feel it, we are still illuminated by its ambience every single day.

There is no beginning and there is no end.

Conversations are paused, they are not ended. They resume at one point or another, eventually. Whether in person, in thought, or in memory, they resume.

The mind is incredible. Incredible at what what it does for our body, and for our perception of everything that is. We never see our faces in the mirror as others see us, it’s not possible. Our reflections are just that – reflections. The opposite of how others see our faces, how they see us.

The same is true for our perceptive reality. How we perceive things to be is different than another persons interpretation of objects, people, and places. Consensus between two people therefore is quite incredible for all of the above. Exponentially multiply the variables of consensus amongst a group of people. Extraordinary really.

The question then is, ‘who’s perception of reality and everything that is‘, is correct? That is a tough call, especially when there is a general agreement amongst most everyone, yet there are some outliers to the perceived truth. Does the general public work to ‘reprogram’ outlying individuals?

I shall end this post now. Or perhaps I write it is simply paused, since time and space are relative and fall within the realm of individual perception dictated by laws of general physics.

I hope to unpause the conversation sooner than later, or at least some day down the road, preferably in person. Free of emotional turmoil, and both in accord with what is real.

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