While listening to a podcast the other day I heard that word, marginalized. The word’s meaning has significant value in how it was contextually used relative to the rest of the podcast conversation.

The word really got me thinking. There is quite a bit of marginalization that occurs in every aspect of our lives, whether it be intentional or not. Think about it…when we marginalize we minimize the value, or importance of something or someone. It’s a ‘put-on-the-back-burner’ move. Not good.

By reprioritizing, we place order to an existing order of importance to things or people in our lives that we had previously made. That’s ok because reprioritization is an intentional effort in order to reach greater efficiency. Although the associated outcome does not always meet expectations, a third reprioritizing effort is a valid option.

Marginalization occurs when we unintentionally shift hierarchy of things or people in our lives. The result tends to be an unintended slight against someone, or neglect of something. Marginalization is painful, not for the individual but for those around us. It takes the we out of the equation and replaces it with me.

Think twice… it’s not about me.

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