The Right Circumstance

Right…, as in Optimum. I’m thinking they rarely show themselves in an obvious manner. At least I don’t believe they are obvious. Optimum circumstances don’t come with a ribbon tied to them and a label that reads ‘Here it is!, your optimum circumstance!’

At this point in writing the post I wondered if the correct usage of the word is Optimum or Optimal. As it turns out, both are used. Optimum is generally used as a Noun, while Optimal is typically used as an Adjective. I don’t think anyone would be corrected by someone else with either usage. But now you know, so it’s ok either way. You’re welcome.

I have waited for the right moment in my life for a number of things. Often things that were important and potentially significant. Sometimes the resulting situation in which I found myself was good, and sometimes not. There result then was that I found myself regretful for not taking the chance, or making the decision to ‘go in that direction’. There isn’t a crystal ball that we can look into. The ‘Right Circumstance’ doesn’t exist.

So what do we do?

We move forward, there is no option in linear time. Time cannot be stopped, it can’t be reversed and it cannot zoom fast-forward. We take the chance, we jump off that cliff. We muster the faith that everything will be ok, because it will ok. Even if the opportunity takes a different turn than we had hoped, there is more waiting for us down the road, of life.

Without the risk of failure there is no success.

I read that somewhere many years ago and it has helped me to not fear the unknown of my choices and decisions. The statement is true in every sense. I will be ok.

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