The Pressure

No one’s pressure but my own. If I saw a very large heavy rock on the road, one that I could lift yet it really was too heavy to carry anywhere, then why would I bother? It makes no sense to carry the rock around, just because. None. Assuming a similar decision would be shared by everyone, we clearly see eye-to-eye.

So now the rock is a big lump of pressure. It weighs differently because it’s not mass therefore bears no physical weight. But it weighs nonetheless, it weighs heavily with additional burdens it brings along. Although the additional pressure and burden can be ‘carried’, it can only be carried for so long before it bursts. The bleeding burden slowly spreads and permeates everything it touches. It cannot be seen, but it’s there and it causes harm.

Why? Why did I pick-up that rock?

I didn’t have to assume the heavy burden of the entire rock. Or any part of it for that matter. I could have chipped the rock into pieces, carried each piece separately inside my pocket. That would have been so much easier. There are options. There are always options.

I think I’m going to set down that rock of burden and pressure. I’ve unnecessarily picked it up in the first place and then chose to carry it around. No thank you, not anymore. After being set down I will walk away and won’t even look at it, until I am ready. Only then will I decide if carrying the entire thing is workable for me, or if it should be broken into smaller pieces and handled accordingly.

There, it’s down.

I can breathe, and the breath is so much deeper and easier for me now.

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