Fallible, is what I should have been saying to myself all those years I used the word invincible for personal description. There is no perfection, there is only the work involved to be better, whatever ‘better’ may be. Age does provide wisdom. Whether the acquired wisdom is displayed and conveyed takes a conscious effort. So I either do it or I don’t.

The ‘it’ turns out to be whatever I think I should be doing, or act upon. Sometimes there is a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ scenario, and sometimes there is simply different.

It’s difficult for many people, especially children to learn or strive to be different. We want to be like ‘others’. We want to be like our friends. Why? Uniqueness produces effective results in whatever it is we seek.

Linear time produces numbers that do increase. This is unfortunate when it comes to individual age. However linear time does provide an unmatched liberating wisdom. I like that.

It is time to release my false sense of invincibility and embrace my human fallibility.

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