Here I Go Again

School. The new year begins on Monday, and yes I am looking forward to it.

I’ve never called my job/career ‘work’. For me, it’s simply school and I love it. It’s something that I do. Sure I have a role to ‘play’, that of a teacher. But one cannot teach if what to teach, and how to teach is unknown. Unknown variables within this expression should be kept to a minimum in the school environment.

Digest this: Teachers interact with human beings. Age, gender, home life, and life experience all come into play. Human factors are not limited, and the intricacies of each factor is infinitesimal. As a result shared responsibility another beings development is monumental. It’s everything.

I have no idea how my students feel just two days before onset of another school year, students that I do not yet know. Are they excited like me? Maybe in a state of dread? They’re young, too young to fully comprehend the importance and true value of knowledge. An iceberg’s enormity when only at its tip is difficult to fathom. Pity, but nonetheless reality.

As a teacher, my role is that of an igniter. Teachers provide fuel and become the catalyst in hopes of igniting that spark in those of our future generation. It is they who will carry forth the torch of humanity.

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