I Heard You

Perhaps you did, hear me that is. But did you listen? Those two words are often interchangeably misused.

One of the books I’ve read references a phrase ‘precision of language’. It is a phrase used for a necessary protocol in place while speaking or writing. Words are words, and while there are synonyms for many words, there is also a variety of words in the ‘word bank’ that should be used in context to the sentence in which they exist.

Apologies for such a level specificity, but it matters.

Today’s technological means of communication homogenizes the use of many words. We hear, “Well, this is faster for me to finger-type”. Faster because it is truly faster?, or faster because it is easier?

If we do the hard things in life, our lives will be easier. But if we do the easy things in life, our lives will be harder.

Oh I heard what was suggested by someone else, I know what I should be doing as a result. But did I listen to what was suggested?

‘Hear’ is a Passive verb, it requires nothing beyond an auditory system in working order. ‘Listen’ is an Action verb, it comes with a requirement to take action.

Are you listening?

One thought on “I Heard You

  1. Christy August 28, 2022 / 10:16 am

    I love this! As someone who listens for a living, I know the difference well.


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