Distracted by Distractions

Distractions…choose one.

We don’t wake up everyday and say to ourselves, ‘Hmmm… I wonder what I can be distracted by today.’ Far from our minds we don’t typically thank of ‘distractions’ as part of our planned daily regimen however, they will just automatically arrive.

Like an unwanted houseguest suddenly there it is, a distraction. ‘What do I do with it?’ we most likely don’t ask ourselves. We just allow the distraction to build and manifest inside our heads. From there, our bodies are affected physiologically and we ‘feel’ things that weren’t there before. What is that? Why is that? That manifestation quickly becomes anxiety and then leads to stress, and that becomes _____, and then, and then, and…

What? Then what?

When I was a child and did something very wrong, I can recall my mother and/or father saying to me “Words, words, words, blah, blah, blah,….. and I mean it!” I knew when those words were spoken that there was something waiting for me around the corner that I did not want to discover or unveil by continuing with my poor choice behavior. But things are different now and parents manage their kids differently.

The world is distracted by distractions. Countries are distracted by distractions. Societies, Communities, City’s, Households, People, every aspect of our current human-being is distracted by distractions.

Our ancestors were not distracted by distractions. They were focused on the here and now. They weren’t ‘looking’ elsewhere for more information, or something else non-related to the current task at hand. They held honor and respect to those who were simply doing their best to do the same. Finger pointing and blame was not a tool used for displacement of an uncomfortable situation. Our ancestors took ownership to every part of their existence and kept their person to themselves. Thieves and wrong-doers were managed by the law.

Our distractions seem to have removed much of that, that ownership of personal responsibility. Bummer how many have become distracted by something other than the task, the action, the wrongdoing.

We see it every day. Distraction induced deflection of action leading to blame of something or someone else. I can hear it now, “Your honor, my client feels uncomfortable and scared in this court of law for how He/she, He-She, They, His, Hers, Ours, Them, It is being treated. And for this, we place blame on the person/s who brought this to court. That individual needs to be on the stand for wrongdoing, not my client. We motion for immediate action against the prosecutor.”

Oh my goodness all I can hope and pray for when that occurs, is for the judge to say “Apparently you have never seen or heard of the documentary Scared Straight. Motion denied.”

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