In Proper Working Order

Biological machines we are, us humans. We take for granted ‘things’ working right within this shell, and we have no idea to the extent these things not only work right, but also in a behind-the-scenes orchestrated effort with one another.

Until they don’t.

Existence. When I think deeply about it I am confused as to why anyone would consciously mismanage the most priceless component of our lives. We care about the proper working order of our house and all the components within it. We care about the proper working order of our vehicles and we have them regularly serviced. We care about the proper working order of our internet, our computers, of our banks, of… well, just about everything.

Yet sometimes we use and abuse these things, or substances, or situations, or even other people. And sometimes we do that so effortlessly.

Before the bell rings and all the chaos begins. Before I scoot out the door and join in on the race, I think it’s time to do a daily check on how things are, how things could be. I want to make sure I fit myself for success in all that I do, but first I must see to it that this vessel is in proper working order.

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