After the Move

When we first moved into our current house our ears were filled with continuous child’s play out on our small cup-de-sac. There were many families living on the street who were still building full total family unit. Due to expectant mothers, there were sometimes moves resulting from ‘out-growing’ the current house size. There were some moves resulting from long-time aging empty nest-ors who needed a location for greater level of care.

Slowly, the children grew up, as they do. We watched as they graduated, moved off, got married, and began a family of their own. The soundtrack of neighborhood children playing on the street became softer, and eventually dwindled, to no sound of children playing on the street.

Over time families split and moved away, some grew ill and passed-on, and everyone got older, as they do.

While watching television early evening yesterday there was a sudden burst of yelling kids out on the street. The sound was of a bunch of boys, yelling from excitement to one another and just having fun doing ‘everything’ kids do out on the street. I looked out the window and saw about 10 or so boys running around, some were on bikes, there were a couple of razors being ridden, football being tossed, and a couple of baseball bats being swung. There was nothing coordinated out there, they were simply enjoying the moment seemingly without a care in the world.

They were loud, and it was wonderful.

After our move to this house I didn’t think in long-term fashion, how things would change over time. We were young and everything was different. Things have changed, and we have experienced seemingly everything during this life phase. I’m going to take the new street-playing children sounds as that of a ‘clock-reset’.

Yes, perhaps the reset idea will help me, help us remember and feel the youthful energy of life after the move.

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