All of Me

On 12/26/19 I published a post titled Much of Me Is Who I Am. Over the past few days for whatever reason, I was thinking about that title and have been somewhat disturbed by it. Much of Me Is Who I Am is not a valid statement. While on the treadmill today, I really wanted to stop what I was doing just so that I could remedy the post’s title. I realized that by saying ‘Much’ of Me… implies that I am holding out on ‘part’ of me.

What that, I want to go on the record with an updated post title…All of Me Is Who I Am.

I am not going to change the original Post title because that would be modifying a part of history, at least mine. But I am making the declaration that All of Me Is Who I Am, because I am happy with being me. I am happy with what I do, and why I do.

This is me. It’s why I have this website. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy writing about the reality of who I am, while including words about those who who have impacted my life.

All of Me Is Who I Am.

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