I realized the other day that the one thing I experience most has been my least published essay entry, Dreams. I think perhaps the reason is because I dream nightly and they are typically rather vivid and full of detail. As a result, I find that there is much to process once I am awake.

Most people most likely dismiss their dreams and go about their day. I never do that. I find that dreams are an extension of my reality that allow me to experience who-knows-what while I am getting much needed rest and sleep. Dreams intrigue me. It’s like our minds are writing stories of their own and we don’t even have to work for it. We typically don’t, in our conscious state, attempt to construct our next dream, we just ‘have them’. To me, that’s the exciting part.

Published today in the Dreams tab is an essay titled Many Rooms, Many Views. The general topic is one that seems to be visiting me in semi-regular intervals as of late. I experience an ethereal sense of being in these particular dreams, one that I need to regularly monitor and record.

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