I’m generally always cold. It’s kind of lousy because in the ‘Winter’ I will often get ‘chilled to the bone’ cold and cannot seem to warm myself up. Not sure if temperature affects many people like it does me, or someone who is hypersensitive to all things sensory, but I’d rather be very warm or even hot over being cold.

I also do not let hair grow on my head. I shave it with a blade every few days. I love being ‘bald’. Fortunately the shape of my head lends itself to not having any hair. The problem here is that most of our body heat is expended through our head and I’ve elected to shave off the very thing on my head to help keep me warm. Oh bother… what to do other than wear a beanie on my head. This is a most-often situation. At least it helps to keep me warm.

Why people do what people do is very interesting as it does not always make logical ‘sense’.

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