No Sense Makes Sense

During my first job out of college a colleague once told me ‘Welcome to (name of company), where no sense makes sense’. Here I am, this fresh-out-of-college kid that saw the working world through rose colored glasses. Naive yes. While personal and working relationships often uncover disparity and non-sensical action, I quickly learned what the ‘working world’ was really about. Sometimes procedure and action at this company didn’t make sense, at least to me. So I accepted that reality and rode the wave until the late 80’s economic wipeout.

My nighttime dreams typically make a lot of sense to me even if they are fantastical. Periodically however these subconscious adventures take me on a wild ride that I simply cannot make any sense from, although I try.

Just posted under the Dreams tab is an entry titled In the ‘Mountains, on a Bike’. This dream began in a logical fashion, and then branched off into seemingly endless tendrils of thought. It was fun to experience, but I gave up on trying to put it into some form of logical meaning.

One thought on “No Sense Makes Sense

  1. Teri Dowdee February 12, 2021 / 6:43 am

    I love your musings! I often find that I get what you’re saying it am unable to articulate it myself! Magical!❤️

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