All of These Lines Across My Face

The 2007 song titled The Story, written and sung by Brandi Carlile begins with those words: All of these lines across my face…

I learned of this artist and song about a month ago while listening to a morning host on Sirius radio. Where have I been? What else have I missed? Why did I miss so much? No matter, as artifacts from my life, even ‘old’ to me are new. It’s pretty cool to experience for me, as I am an active biological participant in present-day linear time.

When I was younger, lines across anyone’s face was not something I cared to see, let alone the thought of my own lines one day.

It’s different now. All of these lines across my face, tell me the story of who I am. I earned them for sure and those lines are a pleasure to share with those I know.

Take a good look into the mirror.

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