Fly Away Home

As a child, I could never understand how my dad could wake up at 3a everyday so he could read the newspaper. At that age, waking up early instead of ‘sleeping in’ was incomprehensible. Like clockwork, he did this all the time.

I have since found much satisfaction waking up early. This time for me is completely unhindered by anything else so that I can play the piano, read, write, and exercise. It’s also a time for me to simply think, without any interrupting tasks or thoughts before my day ‘begins’.

This morning, the wonderful 1996 movie titled Fly Away Home came to mind, and at the time I wasn’t sure why it had.

Today, I get to attend a Celebration of Life for my sister-in-law, Celia. Today is the day where she will be able to freely fly away home as those who know and love her will also be there to send her off, to home.

Now I know who sent my morning thought. Spread your wings Celia, and Fly Away Home.

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