Yesterday morning I caught myself stirring my tea in the counter-clockwise direction. While this may seem meaningless to many, it wasn’t for me. Reason being is that I always stir my tea in the clockwise direction. I don’t even need to think about it because I know that I always do that. This the reason why stirring my tea in the counter-clockwise direction caught my attention. It signaled the anomaly detector in my brain.

Why did I do that? Would, or could it have significance on the rest of my day? If so, then what kind of significance? Does it matter that when this morning, while stirring my tea, I thought about yesterday’s counter-clockwise incident?

There must be a reason for that action, positive or negative. I wonder if this type of action would fall into the insignificant category..? And why I I ruminating about it now? It’s still ‘there’, that’s why. Does anyone else ever have such seemingly insignificant thoughts, yet very significant to the person, that it becomes something that needs to be pondered?

The gifted brain is one that is both blessed and cursed with such intensities. Intensities that matter because they are real. They exist in my genetic make-up. They are who I am.

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