Fleeting Thoughts

I wonder if a fleeting thought occurs for a reason, or if are they purely something random? When I was a kid I remember seeing a lightbulb burn-out, live. I happened to be looking at the bulb and it flashed then ‘went out’ while I was actively looking. At that point I knew seeing this phenomenon occur live was a rarity, since when bulbs burn-out they either flash and cease illuminating within the background or they just don’t illuminate when the flip is switch to the On position

That thought took me to wonder why I was witness to the bulb’s illumination terminating moment. Was that a random coincidence or did I see it occur live for a reason? Maybe the reason was so that I could continue to ponder the thought some 40 years after its occurrence.

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be bothered with such trivial matter, but then I also think that others who don’t give these tiny events in life a second-thought are missing out on the complex process of human thought. Which then leads me to wonder why I am even writing about this?

Why?, because I can.

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