Don’t Chew on the Furniture

I am grateful to have two dogs that do not chew on furniture. When we received Holly, our Golden Retriever puppy a little more than a year ago she joined our ‘Benji’ look-a-like Noel and I worried that she might want to chew on the Steinway’s legs. Selfishness aside, we worried that she would chew on any furniture since we have had that occur in the past with other Golden pups. Fortunately that did not happen. Golden Retrievers are very ‘mouthy’ and they love to chew! However they do have a soft mouth in that when carrying anything they think is important to their dog parents, the object is held gently. Most of the time. We have had a lot of experience with the habits of Goldens so we made sure there were many, MANY safe chew toys in the toy box.

At 16 months old, we’re still at the point of keeping the rooms ‘kid-safe’ for the canine kids because we DO need to be careful on what we leave sitting on living room side tables and such. Having come home to a TV that was mysteriously turned on then finding the remote on the floor, all chewed up, we learned what boundaries we needed to watch for.

After 32 years of primarily Golden canine kids, we’re apparently still learning. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

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