Ok, Bye Dad. See You Later!

I probably wrote this in some other Post or Page on this website but it’s worth repeating. The salutation ‘goodbye’, or even the informal ‘bye’ isn’t something I ever end with. It’s too final. Instead, I end a conversation or in-person visit with ‘See you later’. This way the meeting is a to-be-continued situation. I like that because it always leaves hope for a next-time.

Today is Thursday and I saw Dad for the last time on Monday of this week. He was not speaking, but he was still alert. I had a good conversation with him and he listened with pensive intensity. Then he would nod and I knew he could understand everything I said. I showed him some pictures from my phone taken just the previous day at Goldie Palooza and I also showed him a video in which he intently watched. All the time I held his hand, and he held mine.

When I knew that it was time to leave I kissed Dad on the cheek and then told him I was going to do what I always did with Irene, and then kissed him on the nose. That made him smile, I could see it on his face as his eyes squinted just as they always did when he smiled.

I was born on Dad’s birthday some years ago and he always told me that I was his birthday present. Never would a birthday pass without him hearing the same sentiment from me.

I had a great conversation with Dad on Monday. One that I did not want to regret for not having before he left this earth. I was good when I left. He kept his eyes on Gib and I as we headed out the door, then he raised his right hand as a ‘waving’ gesture and I said ‘Ok, bye Dad. I love you, see you later!’

And I will.

One thought on “Ok, Bye Dad. See You Later!

  1. Judy April 15, 2022 / 3:34 pm

    We all need to seize the moment to share the good news of the gospel when we know our loved ones don’t have long on this earth. I wonder why we sometimes hesitate–especially when we could give them no greater gift. I’m sure the angels in heaven rejoiced when your dad accepted God’s gift of His son’s sacrifice. I’m so proud of you, Rudy!


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