When it Ends

Imagine reading a book and when the page is turned, there is nothing else but blank pages. The previously read sentence may have been a complete thought or perhaps it ended midstream without complete thought. Imagine watching a movie and suddenly the video feed goes blank. The movie wasn’t even finished. Nothing else. One won’t know what happens next in the story and one never will.

Imagine reading a book or watching a movie through completion and realizing there will never be another book, there will never be another movie.

Only nothingness, emptiness.

I’m understanding that reality these days as it relates to life, and I’m not comforted. When life ends, it ends. There is no ‘to be continued’, no waiting until the next season, no ‘next’ chapter or sequel. There is no next, its just gone.

Did I attend the event after all? Did I leave the conversation in a good place when I left? Did I show love, and did I say ‘I love you’?

Am I ready for the unseen finality of when it does happen?

I want to have all my ducks in a row. I want to say everything I should have said, done everything I should have done, and positioned myself in the best light I possibly can for everyone involved. Complete selfish-selflessness all in place, for when it ends.

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