Something is Going On

There is something going on right now and it is either completely new and exciting, or not new and dreadfully boring. Maybe it’s both. There is something going on right now and it may be unsettling, as a lot of every day life can be. I wonder if the feeling of unsettlement is felt by all? At least many? Hopefully some. I know that peripheral reverb is felt among many, and it’s not good.

Things are the same, but they are different. Unfortunately I have experienced many forms of unsettlement in my lifetime. How naive was I to think, well into adulthood, that my entire life would be without blemish?!


March 13, 2020

January 6, 2021

Unsettlement. Perhaps that topic alone should be an offered course within a higher education Psychology program.

Life these days is not unique, it’s just different. We have new and unknown variables within the equation that we never before experienced. New variables are unpredictable and often they create ‘chaos’, even at the most micro level. So what do we do with these new equations? We try one solution. And when that solution doesn’t work, we modify our efforts and try again. It’s the only way we learn how to solve, or at least thwart, our current challenges.

Whatever ‘it’ is I am unsettled by, will not be punctuated by fear.

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